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Main topicKeywordsFunctionFormula
AAdd an average line to a horizontal bar chartYesAverage line on a chartChartsNoNo
AAdd an average line to a vertical bar chartYesAverage line on a chartChartsNoNo
BRemove blanks using Advanced FilterNoRemove blank cellsBlank cellsNoNo
CCELL references and rangesNoAbsolute and relative cell referencesCell referencesNoNo
CFill down cells in a columnYesFill down cellsCellsNoNo
CInsert multiple rows or columnsYesInsert multiple rows or columnsCellsNoNo
CSet equal columns or rowsYesSet equal column widths or row heightsCellsNoNo
CCreate a multi-level category chart in ExcelYesMulti-level category chartCharts
CCHOOSE function with LINEST in ExcelNoCHOOSE and LINEST functionsCHOOSE, LINESTYesNo
CCHOOSE function with arrayYesCHOOSE with arrayCHOOSEYesNo
CCOMPARE more than two values in ExcelNoCompare valuesCompareNoYes
CExcel's CONCATENATE functionYesCreate SQL statements using Excel's CONCATENATE functionCONCATENATEYesYes
CCONDITIONAL formatting of non-sequential cellsYesConditional formattingConditional formattingNoNo
CCopy and paste a formulaNoCopy and pasteCopy pasteNoNo
DInsert current dateNoDateDATEYesNo
DInsert current date and timeNoDate and timeDATEYesNo
DCreate a dropdown listYesCreate a dropdown list with data validationData validationNoNo
ECalculate and add error bar data to a chartYesCalculate and add custom error bar dataError barsNoNo
FFORMULATEXT functionNoDisplay a formula in another cellFORMULATEXTYesYes
GGroup and subtotal dataYesGroup and summarize dataGroupNoNo
IIF functionYesIFIFYesNo
LAdd a data label to one point on a chartYesAdd a data labelLabelNoNo
PPaste special with formulasYesAdd, subtract, multiply or divide a set of values by another valuePaste SpecialNoNo
PProtect an Excel workbookNoProtect a workbookProtectNoNo
RGenerate random numbers with RANDBETWEENYesGenerate random numbersRANDBETWEENYesNo
SCalculate a RUNNING TOTAL in Excel
YesRunning totalSUMYesYes
SExcel sparklinesYesSparklinesChartsNoNo
VVLOOKUP in ExcelNoVLOOKUP example and spot the error test!VLOOKUPYesNo
WManage Excel worksheetsYesManage Excel worksheetsWorksheetNoNo