PASTE SPECIAL with formulas

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Add, subtract, multiply or divide a set of values by another value, using ‘Paste special’

Method – example, divide a set of values by 100 (see video below)

  1. Type the value to divide the range of values by into a cell
    (in the example above, 100 is typed into cell D3).
  2. Copy the cell (the moving dotted line appears around the cell to show it has been copied to the clipboard).
  3. Highlight the cells to divide, and select ‘Paste special‘ from the ‘Home‘ tab in the ribbon.
  4. Select the ‘Divide‘ radio button and click OK.
  5. The range of cells will all be divided by 100.
  6. The operations available in the ‘Paste Special’ dialogue are Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide.
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Video – paste special with formulas

Keyboard shortcut – Paste Special dialog box
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After copying data, press Ctrl+Alt+V to open the ‘Paste Special’ dialog.