Remove BLANK CELLS in chart data table in Excel

Remove BLANK CELLS in chart data table in Excel
Replace blank cells in a chart’s data table to create a continuous plot line

Method — this example replaces blank cells with ‘N/As’ using an IF statement

If you have blank cells in a data table, and want to plot a line chart with a continuous line without any gaps, then you can replace the blanks with ‘N/As’, using an IF statement — see syntax below.

Remove blank cells in a chart's data table
In the example above, the top chart includes blank cells, which results in gaps in the plotted lines. In the lower chart, the ‘N/A’ values which replaced the blank cells, are ignored and the values either side joined together in the plot.
Replicate your data table in another location and replace the blank cells with ‘N/A’ values
  • Choose another range of cells to place your data values to plot, either on the same worksheet or a different worksheet. In the example above, a range below the source data table on the worksheet is used.
  • Use the IF statement shown in the syntax example below to refer to each value in the source data range.
  • Add the IF statement in the cell at the top left corner of your new grid of values, and then drag the right-hand corner of the cell to copy down the rows and across the columns — match the number of rows and columns of your source data table.
  • Because the IF statement is using relative cell references, the statement will update automatically to refer to the relevant cell in your source data range.
  • You can now plot this new set of data and create continuous plot lines.
Syntax — replace blank cells with ‘N/As’

= IF(C4=””, NA(), C4)

Syntax description

If cell C4 is blank (i.e. contains “”), then return an ‘N/A’ value which means “not available”, or “value is not available, else return the value that is in C4.