Data entry form in Excel

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Purpose — to create a form for easy data entry in Excel

Screenshot showing data table and data entry form in Excel
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Video — create a data entry form in Excel

Method (shown in video above) — how to create a data entry form in Excel
Format as table dialog box in Excel
  • This example starts with a data table with column headers and a few rows (records) already entered.
  • First format the data as an Excel table: select the whole table (click and drag from one corner to the diagonally opposite corner), and from the ‘Home‘ tab, select ‘Format as Table‘.
  • Select a style for your table, and in the ‘Format As Table‘ dialog box which then pops up, confirm the cell range for the data table, and that the table has a header row.
  • Note: the ‘Form’ command in Excel isn’t on the ribbon by default, so you’ll need to add it — see our page on how to customize the ribbon in Excel.
  • Select ‘Form‘ from the ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar.
  • A form window opens containing the fields and records (= rows) from your data table.
  • With an Excel data form you can (see screenshot below):
    • scroll through records one at a time by using the up and down arrows
    • scroll through records 10 at a time by clicking in the scroll bar between the arrows
    • move between fields in a record by using the TAB key to move forwards, and SHIFT-TAB to move backwards
    • edit and add new records — change or add details and press ENTER to update the record
    • delete records
    • find records by using search criteria — click on the ‘Criteria‘ button, and enter a search keyword into one of the fields. To return to the form view, click on the ‘Form’ button.
  • To close the form view, click ‘Close‘.
Another view of Excel's data entry form